Animal/Insect Control FAQ


Are there regulations on the maximum permissible number of pets? 
Yes, individuals are allowed to have up to 3 dogs per address. 


I have a problem with barking dogs
Per Montebello Municipal Code (MMC) barking dogs are declared to be a nuisance, and no person shall keep, maintain or permit upon any lot or parcel of land within the city under his control, any animal or animals including any fowl or fowls, which by any sound, or cry, shall interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by an individual.  For more information or to report barking dogs please call the Animal Control (SEAACA) at 562-803-3301 or Code Enforcement Division at 323-887-1490. 


I have a sick or injured pet 
Please contact your veterinarian or Animal Control (SEAACA) at 562-803-3301 


I have been bitten by a dog 
Per MMC, Whenever any person having charge, care, control, custody of possession of any dog has knowledge that such dog has bitten any person, the persons having charge, care, control, custody or possession of such dog shall report the fact in writing forthwith to the Animal Control (SEEACA) at 563-803-3301. The report shall state the name and address of the person bitten and the time and place such person was bitten. 


I have lost my pet 
To locate your pet please contact the Animal Control (SEAACA) immediately at 562-803-3301 


I want a dead animal removed 
For the removal of a dead animal please contact the Animal Control (SEAACA) at 562-803-3301 


I want a fishing & hunting license 
You may obtain fishing and hunting license information at most sporting goods stores or by contacting the Department of Fish and Game / Sacramento Office at 916-928-5805 or online at 


I want to adopt a pet (dogs, cats, etc.) 
Contact the Animal Control (SEAACA) shelter at 562-803-3301 or Visit them at:9777 Seaaca Street
Downey, CA  90241 


I want to give away my dog or cat (for adoption) 
Please contact the Animal Control at 562-803-3301 to surrender your pet or check online for a rescue group. 


I want to report a stray dog / cat 
Please notify the Animal Control at 562-803-3301 


I want to report an abused pet 
Please notify the Animal Control at 562-803-3301 or Code Enforcement Division at 323-887-1490


Tell me about rabies 
Rabies is a disease that attacks the central nervous system (brain and nerves). It is caused by a virus that lives in the saliva (spit) of a rabid animal.  Rabies is usually transmitted through an animal bite.  It is also possible to catch it if the animal’s saliva gets into a cut on your skin or in your eyes, nose, or mouth.  All mammals, including people, can catch rabies.  Therefore, it is vital to give your pets Rabies Vaccination.  For information on vaccination and clinics, please contact the Animal Control (SEAACA) at 562-803-3301 


What are the leash laws 
State and Local regulations require that all dogs be kept on a leash (6 feet in length maximum) and under direct control of the person in charge while on any public street or property. 


Where can I get information about West Nile virus, Mosquito, Red Fire Ant or Bee Problems? 
Information regarding any insect problems, including updates on the West Nile Virus, is available from the Los Angeles County Vector Control at (310) 915-7370.


Where can I get my pet spayed or neutered 
You may contact your veterinarian or the Animal Control (SEAACA) for more information 562-803-3301 


Where do I get a license for my dog / cat?
The City of Montebello does not license cats; however, you may purchase your dog’s license from the Animal Control (SEAACA).  For more information on licensing please call SEAACA at 562-803-3301. Click HERE for SEAACA's Statistical Data.  


Where is the animal shelter/SEAACA? 
9777 Seaaca St.
Downey, CA  90241
562-803-3301 For more information visit their website at:

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